It looks like Meek Mill has found himself in another tweef (twitter-beef), this time with fellow Philly rapper Cassidy, and it all started by a few retweets made by Cass.

Earlier in the week, fans of Cassidy tweeted at Meek Mill asking him various question, in which Meek took offense when Cassidy retweeted the questions, check out some of the RT’s below:

RT @TundeSwain @MeekMill did u listen to @cassidy_larsiny ?#MusicMayhem? ?#AP3? tape??

RT @illuminlester How come when @MeekMill got put on mmg he aint do nothin wit @CASSIDY_LARSINY ? They my 2 favorite rappers

RT @Lucky7__ when @MeekMill was underground, the only known rapper was @CASSIDY_LARSINY to get on a track wit em!! Now everybody on his d*ck

RT @HTHAGREAT I’d B highly disappointed in @CASSIDY_LARSINY if he signed w/ that succa @rickyrozay
I cant say he a succa, I dont even know that man.. & I hear rumors abt a lot of industry niggas.. but if I didn’t C it with my own eyes ( have proof ) Then its just a rumor

After getting word of Cassidy’s retweets, a charged Meek Mill took to Twitter, and responded directly to Cass, as he tweeted:

@CASSIDY_LARSINY u on some clown sh*t right now….just say it 2 my face…I’m always home! #bitter

Yo @CASSIDY_LARSINY yall be getting beside y’all self with this send button dont confuse this twitter wit real life… #hating”

When you eating everyday a nigga gonna have a problem with ya! Its a shame… get money and stop hating

The tweets have since been deleted, but they still appear in Twitter’s search function, here.