It looks like the beef with Cassidy isn’t enough for Meek Mill as the MMG rapper took to Twitter and threw a few shots at Shyne Po for not supporting him after the Philly rapper seen Shyne showing love to Cassidy, who Meek is currently feuding with.

Meek tweeted at Shyne:

“Ayo @OriginalShyne I see u hate all the young n*ggas that’s out here getting! I can’t respect ya for that!”

And followed it with…

“A @OriginalShyne talkin about shout out 2 a n*gga that’s no good in the hood..I’m in my hood right now..iced out foreign whips..That’s not G.”

When Shyne saw the tweets directed at him from Meek, he proceeded to reply, and it was on from there.

Although, Shyne said Cassidy ate Meek’s food, it did seem like Po was trying to show Meek some love, which he wasn’t showing to Meek’s boss, Rick Ross as he threw some insults Rozay’s way – proceeding to call him out as Donnie Brasco and Ice T from New Jack City.

After going in on Rick Ross, Shyne tweeted that he understands why Meek signed to MMG, because he signed to Puff for the same reason.

Po tweeted:

“I signed to puff in order to eat so I can’t be mad @MeekMill for the business moves he making. That’s why I always supported meek.#Respect.”

Check out the full Twitter exchange from Meek Mill and Shyne, below:

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