Freddie Gibbs seemingly still has issues with Young Jeezy following the ESGN rapper’s split with Jeezy’s CTE imprint in late 2012 as Gangsta Gibbs takes aim at his former boss while announcing that his new project, Cocaine Piñata, is coming soon.

Following the severing of ties with CTE, Freddie Gibbs claimed that he had no issues with Jeezy, and the split was on good terms. That really wasn’t the case. In the months after leaving CTE, Gibbs’ began taking shots at Jeezy during interviews. Then came the release of Gibbs’ ESGN album, and he took aim at his former boss on wax for the first time.

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Now, it looks like Gangsta Gibbs is taking it back to the booth to go at Jeezy’s head.

Over the weekend, Gibbs took to his Twitter page and announced his new project, Cocaine Piñata, is coming soon, and revealed that the project contains a new diss track aimed at Jeezy. The GI rapper also took a few shots at Young as he announced the diss track/project is coming.

View the series of tweets from Gibbs (@FreddieGibbs) below: