I know some of this is a little bit late [Meek Mill’s “Repo”], but I want to post up a break down for those that missed any of the most recent incidents in the Cassidy and Meek Mill feud.

Back on December 22nd, Cassidy unleashed a diss track, “Me Myself & iPhone,” aimed at Meek Mill. After the track dropped, Mill promised to return fire of Cassidy, which he eventually did as he dropped “Repo” and went in pretty hard on Cassidy. [Listen to “Repo” below.]

On “Repo” Meek spit:

“And your goons ain’t riding witcha, they all mad/ Cause you ain’t never put no food up in Ar Ab/ My dog killed a body for ya, damn he didn’t eat from it

Due to that line, many fans of Cassidy took to Twitter to hit up Ar-Ab and wanted him to go in on Meek, and set the facts straight, but AR wasn’t down.

On New Years Eve, AR recorded a vlog explaining why he wont go in on Meek for Cassidy, and pretty much flipped on the script on Cassidy and is riding with Meek, but claims Cass is still his homie and he isn’t taking any sides.

Watch Ar-Ab’s vlog below, it’s pretty interesting to hear what he has to say about Cassidy’s beef with Meek.

Update: Ar-Ab back in 2008, contradicting his vlog above as he says Cassidy’s his guy from the streets. (Props Florida Boy on the heads up)

Although Ar-Ab isn’t riding for Cassidy, his Larsiny artist Chubby Jag is and he went in on Meek as he dropped “Worst Nightmare” in response to Meek’s “Repo.” [Listen to Jag’s “Worst Nightmare” below], and also check out vlog he recorded yesterday explaining why he replied to Meek.

Chubby Jag explains why he went in on Meek.