Last night, Cassidy dropped a new diss track, “Catch A Body,” in response to Meek Mill’s diss, “Kendrick You Next,” aimed at him. Before he dropped “Catch A Body,” Cass touched on the track while he explained why he put it together.

During a recent interview with MuchBetterFilms, Cassidy spoke on “Catch A Body,” and also gave his thoughts on Meek’s “Kendrick You Next.”

Cass addresses Meek’s “Kendrick You Next”:

“It took a n*gga like, eight, nine months to respond, damn near a year.”

He adds:

“He had to sit back, think. Got a bunch of other n*ggas around him helping him come up with lines. Then he flipping lines he been done said in February trying to come at me, because that “Raid” shit got under his skin. That sh*t f*cked him up emotionally, he cant get over that. It’s eating him up everyday, so he had to come back with something”

As Cassidy continued, he explained why he recorded “Catch A Body”:

“I wasn’t even thinking about the n*gga. I’m in the stu; I’m bangin’ out; I’m in a whole other bag. Since he dropped that song, I’m gonna let him know it’s not done.”

The Hustla added:

“I thought the n*gga was dead already. I mean Jag killed him, I killed him, even n*ggas like Cyssero killed him.”

Cass continued:

“This n*gga must got 9 lives, that’s what pussy’s got…”

Cassidy says that this track will put “the dirt over the hole,” meaning that he bodied Meek, he’s done:

“It’s so easy for me. It’s not even a real competition for me, because the n*gga can’t even rap. Just to show the streets I’m still cooking n*ggas I put some shit together to throw the dirt over the hole.”

Watch Cassidy’s interview with MuchBetterFilms below: