Raekwon recently chopped it up with VIBE and they spoke on the holographic 2pac that hit the stage at Coachella this past weekend. During the interview Rae goes on to speak on the possibility of bringing Ol Dirty Bastard back via hologram.

Raekwon talks on the idea of bringing back ODB, as he says:

“It made me think about Ol’ Dirty, too. I would definitely have to have a understanding with his moms. I think it all starts with [her] respect level. If [she] want us to do it and they feel like it’s cool that’s when we would continue to move on and do that. I wouldn’t jump up out of the blue and just say ‘yo I want to reincarnate your son this way.’ I think it’s important that you give moms respect for her son.”

Watch Raekwon’s interview with Vibe, below: