Raekwon chops it up with VladTV and speaks on how he believes the solo careers of the members of the Wu hurt the group.

“What I really miss is that energy from my brothers. We were young, we were child stars at that time, but I miss being around niggas and laughing in the studio…just, every line that come out niggas, everybody’s head lift up like, ‘Oooh,’ and everybody’s head go down and get back in that pen and pad. To me, it just created a force and I’ma tell you something – and I ain’t told nobody this – but I feel like in a way, us doing solo things hurt us as a group. I never told nobody that, y’all niggas the first ones to know. When we had something so pure and so solid together, it could’ve been structured more togetherly. It could’ve been more stronger if we knew it had to stay like that. But when we allowed each other to do us, some did better than others and when some did better than others, it caused a certain kind of reaction in the whole movement.”

As Rae continued, he adds:

“It wasn’t like nobody was trying to out-do each other, because we all was nice, it was just that some probably worked a little harder and some did more things and some was just playing his part. You can’t be mad at it; the nigga is playing his position and when it’s time to go shoot and you say, ‘Yo, shoot!’ – ‘Aight, shoot – bong,’ but not being a slinger. To me, when we did that, it kinda like put us in a more competitive situation with each other instead of focusing more strongly on the brand. The brand is so big just as a team, it’s like when we did that, it jumped into some ego shit – which normally happens, but what I’m just trying to say is if we would’ve stayed more tighter, we probably would’ve had about 30 albums right now.”

Watch the clip below, and hear what Raekwon has to say on the situation.