In 2009, Raekwon and Joe Budden made headlines when the Wu-Tang rapper or a member of his crew punched Budden in the face while the Slaughterhouse rapper was live streaming backstage at Rock The Bells with Mickey Factz. The confrontation stemmed from a few comments Budden said about Method Man making a top rappers list. Now, almost four years since the incident went down, The Chef explains the story behind the beef with Joe Budden.

During a recent interview with VladTV, Raekwon recalls his past beef with Joe Budden.

Raekwon explains:

That wasn’t nothing, that was bird shit right there. It wasn’t about nothing.

When asked if he has seen Budden since the incident, Rae replied:

Nah, I ain’t never seen him. [If I ran into him now] I’d be like, “Yo, I gotta talk to you – right away,” whether whatever current might come to my face, but it would definitely be like I wouldn’t steal on him, or act like I’m looking for this n*gga like he stole something or took something from me. It’d be like, “Yo, we didn’t really straighten it out,” and whatever it is.

1When asked how he felt about Joey’s comment stating that Method Man shouldn’t be on Vibe’s best rappers list, the Wu rapper stated:

How do I feel about that? It was like, wow, he said what he said, but it wasn’t nothing to where it was… It’s one thing when a n*gga is being disrespectful. When you discredit a n*ggas credibility you better be credible, first and foremost.

The Chef continued:

It was more that kind of response, and when Meth heard about it, of course Meth wasn’t feeling it – he was going to say something. Meth’s that type of n*gga, if he says he’s gonna approach, he’s gonna approach it. but however it jumped out of pocket, I’m just caught in the middle ‘cus I’m in the mix of doing my work and we’re in the same places, and I’m seeing homie, him and his peoples which is certain n*ggas I respect [and his people are] saying “yo homie I love you, that aint about nothing.” Of couse I’m gonna say, I know that from y’all n*ggas, but y’all got to talk to dude. Whatever he’s going through, he don’t know we the n*ggas that will attack, just out of doing it, because that’s what we want to do.

2Raekwon said he was put in a situation he didn’t want to be in, because he’s cool with Royce Da 5’9” and Crooked I::

It wasn’t never like he was on the target, it was just like when Meth sees him, because that’s what Meth wanted to do, and I’m the middle man because I’m right there, I’m seeing this n*gga. How are you gonna be around n*ggas that’s talking about other n*ggas and then you’re in the mix, and you feel funny if you’re not giving that information back to your family. It was one of those situations, and I wanted to stay out of it like I said I knew the n*ggas that was around Joe, and them was n*ggas that I loved, n*ggas that I respect. You know Royce, Crooked – Crooked gave me a bag of money like 2 weeks before that. He came in he wanted some verses, he shot his hand at me, and I’m looking at it like I don’t want to cross the line with a n*gga that just helped a n*gga.

He adds:

[Crooked hitting me up for some verses] was used as a political move, because that’s Joe’s crew… [Following that] I talked to Joe, and it was more like you don’t know me, I don’t know you, but what you said, you’re gonna have to be approached in another way, because that’s not my beef… [but Method Man and Joe Budden] squashed it out, and I guess that everything is all happily ever after.

Watch Raekwon’s interview with VladTV to hear what else he has to say about his previous beef with Joe Budden, below: