G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T recently chopped it up with DJ Whoo Kid on the Whoolywoood Shuffle on Shade 45 and touched on multiple topics such as his new Lil Wayne diss track, upcoming album, My Name Is My Name, possibility of another Clipse album and more.

During his interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Pusha T speaks on dissing Lil Wayne on Ludacris’ new single “Tell Me What They Mad For“:

At the end of the day, this is how it works for me. I remember the position that I’m in. These guys got way more fans than I got. So when you make a blanket statement like “fuck Pusha T,” I cant let them type of things go, I just cant let them things slide. I’m not gonna be petty, I don’t want to get into a talking match with this people. If it’s about rap, then lets rap, so I just rap about it. It aint nothing to me.

Push speaks on why his diss tracks are so harsh:

I’m spiteful, I’m petty and I’m spiteful. There’s nothing worse than someone who is petty and spiteful. I’m both, I can admit that to myself. The gems I got in store, sometimes I just got to pull them out, you’re talking about my career against people who have a mass popularity that I do not. It’s like fighting your way out of a corner, you just have to do it. But the thing about it is, I’m nice. It touches people the way I say certain things.

As the interview continued, Pusha spoke on his upcoming My Name Is My Name album.

When asked besides Kanye and Pharell, does he have any surprise producers, Pusha said:

I’ve been in with No I.D. I’ve been in with Just Blaze, Rico Beats who did “Exodus.” Diplo, I need something from him.

Pusha speaks on features:

Big Sean’s gonna make it as well, we’re going for it. Everybody on there, but me and 2 Chainz didn’t cut a record actually. Meek [Mill’s] not gonna be on the album, we did the “Body Work” joint, I loved that record man.

When asked if the album is complete, Pusha replied:

I’m still adding more, just a couple more records. Right now, I’m just trying to find the most demon records I could find. I wanna make some iconic “Hail Mary” esque, “Youre Nobody Til Somebody Kills You” and “Who Shot Ya” esque records. I’m trying to get in the mix of that. Those are special, special moments on Hip Hop.

Pusha T also spoke on the possibility of a new Clipse album:

I didnt say this year, but me and my brother discussed coming back with another Clipse album.

Listen to Pusha T’s interview with DJ Whoo Kid as he also speaks on Trinidad James, Grammy nomination for “Mercy,” Kanye West, fashion in Hip Hop and more, below: