As you may know, Pusha T has been going back and forth with members of the YMCMB camp for a good part of the past 12-months. Now, although he says he has to work harder to earn the recognition, Pusha T addresses being left off MTV’s “Hottest MCs In The Game” list and pleads his case for a spot in the top-10 by saying he single handedly took on Lil Wayne and Co. for a good part of the past year. Pusha also gives an update on his forthcoming album, My Name Is My Name.

While out in Paris, Pusha T called into DJ Semtex’s show and spoke on his forthcoming album, blacking out on the YMCMB camp, MTV’s “Hottest MC’s” list and more.

Pusha T says My Name Is My Name should be a contender for album of the year,  and it’s dropping in spring

First and foremost, I’m in Paris working on my album with Kanye right now. We’re finishing up My Name Is My Name, which is the title. It’s dropping this spring, and I think I’m a album of the year contender… verse of the year contender; it’s a lot when it comes to this music right now.

He adds that the album will be all new music expect for “Pain.”:

Matter of fact, y’all haven’t heard any of the records that’s gonna be on the album, except for “Pain.” I gotta keep “Pain”, besides that, it’s all new straight bangers.

As the interview continued, Pusha touched on MTV’s “Hottest MCs In The Game” list:

People got to realize, that the MTV list, every artists tries to act like it aint worth nothing, or aint about nothing… There were a few inconsistencies, some people were upset about it, but at the end of the day, you know what it means? Anyone’s whose upset, just gotta work harder. And me personally, I felt that I should have been on the list, but I wasn’t. That just means I gotta work harder, so they cant deny me.

He adds:

I’m not out of my mind over the list, but I think I’ve had a stellar year. When you look at what I did this year, I did some incredible things. You look at the records I was on, There’s not a record bigger than “Mercy,” there wasn’t one. 25 weeks at number one – I was on that. The “I Don’t Like” record – That was definitely a club favorite, and I set that up crazily, [and] “New God Flow,” that might be the Hip Hop record of the year. Like of this time, that is the Hip Hop record. And mind you, I’m shining on these joints.

As the Clipse rapper continued pleading his case for a spot on the “Hottest MCs” list, he explained taking on the YMCMB crew single handedly throughout the year:

Let’s just leave that alone, and just look at what I did to people out here. I blacked out on a whole crew all year. All year long, I blacked out on a whole crew by myself, all year long. Nobody stood next to me and blacked out with me; I blacked out on a whole crew by myself. Like, I don’t belong on no list? And I’m talking about everybody, I blacked out on peoples’ favorites [evil laugh].

Push adds:

I had emcees denouncing their fan base, denouncing their fan base and coming back with records talking about, “As long as my chicks love me.” I did that; I did that, I don’t belong on no list? It’s cool, I’ve just got to work harder, so it’s Okay.

Listen to Pusha T’s full interview with Semtex below (Head to the 6:50 mark in the audio clip to hear Pusha address taking on the YMCMB crew single handedly)