G.O.O.D. Music artist Pusha T recently spoke with MissInfo.tv about the status of his upcoming mixtape release, “Wrath of Caine.”

Pusha said, “Wrath of Cain is basically just me catering to my core. It’s all about just street Hip Hop, street music. It’s just something that I like to do. It’s something that I feel like has no boundaries, no parameters. I can do what I really, really want to do…[my approach to the mixtape is] not about more of a creative [decision], I just think it’s about more of what I want to hear for myself and what my fans want to hear. They want to hear lyrics, they want to hear street [music]…it’s just the whole street life perspective.”

The former Clipse rapper also spoke about his work on the track “Millions” with Rick Ross. “‘Millions,’ it’s basically an ode to dope boys and stash spots; it’s just an ode to that energy. I’m trying to make music and recreate that energy that I feel was missing in Hip Hop, [the energy] like you roll down your windows, you hop in your car and you front until you pull up to the club. Right now, that energy is sort of missing to me, and I feel like ‘Millions’ is a prime example of what that is.”

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