G.O.O.D Music’s Pusha T has revealed that his forthcoming solo debut album that will be released through Def Jam is near completion.

In a recent interview with Vulture, one-half of The Clipse, Pusha T spoke on his solo debut album, and says the project is just about complete.

The Va rapper noted that his still untitled album is 80% complete, and also touched on who he has worked with:

“I’m just doing records, man. It’s like 80 percent done. Me and Dream created a crazy musical bond; Dream is my man. Me and Swizz got some great shit together. I found one [song] from Pharrell I’m really excited about. Just Blaze — I was just in the studio with him and I’ve been begging to get in the studio with him. Literally, I’ve been stalking him. Certain people I stalk.”

During the interview, Pusha also touched on other topics such as social networks, and who he wants to work with on his album:

Pusha states that he looks himself up on Google and social networking sites to see what people are saying about him:

“Fuck yeah I do. I want to see what you’re saying about me. I want to see where I stand within … ’Cause all these people have a voice; they represent something. You gotta know what people are saying. People are lying if they say they don’t [check].”

He also noted that he’s going to Twitter stalk Missy Elliot, because he would like to get her on his album:

“Oh yeah. You know someone I’m gonna Twitter-stalk? I tried to but she don’t tweet enough? Missy. I just went through a whole begging ordeal with Timbaland and I just did a record for him today so he said, “For sure. I promise you. I can get you on this. Blasé blasé blah.” And I’m sure he can.”

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