While in Washington DC for a show over the weekend, Pusha T chopped it up with the Core DJ’s DJ Heat for a Q&A session backstage at the show venue.

Pusha T made a stop into DC on Saturday for a packed out show at EchoStage. DJ Heat caught up with him before he took the stage. Pusha dished on the rumors of a Clipse reunion album, being back in the studio with The Neptunes, the DC area music scene, and much more. -DJ Heat

Also over the weekend, we reported on Pusha’s brother No Malice speaking on rumors of a Clipse reunion as he said that he “holds out hope for a Clipse reunion,” but he didn’t mention currently being in the lab with Pusha and The Neptunes recording a new Clipse album, which Pusha previously confirmed.

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Now, during his interview with DJ Heat, Pusha T spoke on the rumors/his confirmation of working on a new Clipse album with The Neptunes.

When asked about him confirming the new Neptunes produced Clipse album, Pusha denies he confirmed anything:

I never leaked [any info] about the Clipse. I didn’t do that.

He adds:

All I did was tell everyone I was in the studio with Pharrell and Chad [The Neptunes]… [But] there was a leak that happened and other people found out, that other people where down, but I wouldn’t do that.

As Push continued, he says that HE is currently working with The Neptunes on a new Pusha T album:

Right now, I’m on my Pusha T, I don’t want to mislead anybody, but… [there’s a possibility that something may happen with my brother, in terms of a new Clipse album].

Watch Pusha T’s interview with DJ Heat below, and after the above quotes, Push speaks on being in the lab with The Neptunes, he makes sure to add that’s just him, not with No Malice, but if definitely seems like something is in the works with him and No Malice (Head to the 2:15 mark to hear him speak on the Clipse):