Another day, another lawsuit has been filed against Lil Wayne and Young Money Entertainment due to non payment of production.

As reported by TMZ, this past week, two separate lawsuits have been filed against Lil Wayne and YME as Andrew “Drew” Correa and Marcos “Infamous” Rodriguez have filed federal lawsuits over non payment of royalties for production used on multiple albums released via the Young Money imprint.

The first lawsuit, filed by Correa, stems from money owed for production used by Young Money artists on albums Carter III, Rebirth, I’m Not a Human Being and Priceless.

Correa says he was paid some royalties for his work, but the payments suddenly stopped, and now he’s seeking compensation for the money he is owed.

In the second suit that was filed by Rodriquez, he claims that he signed a contract in 2007 to produce music for Young Money, and his production was used on the albums Carter III, Rebirth, We Are Young Money, Carter IV and Priceless.

As alleged by Correa, Rodriquez also claims payments for his work have stopped and he is now seeking imbursement for the production he has done for the imprint.

Stay tuned to Def Sounds as the latest lawsuits filed against Lil Wayne and Young Money play out in court.