2012 was a year of drama for Mobb Deep as Prodigy and Havoc were feuding throughout the year to the point where it looked like all hope was lost, and that there would never be another song recorded from the legendary Queens duo. Now, as were onto 2013, things for the Mobb are looking up as Prodigy says that he’s sure that he will soon be back in the studio with Havoc working on a new Mobb Deep album, while stating that Havoc’s his brother, and sometimes personal business that should be kept in house, just gets out to the public.

During a recent interview with The Usual Suspects Radio, Prodigy addressed working with Havoc again in the future.

When asked if there will ever be another Mobb Deep album, P replied:

Yeah, I’m sure about that, because I love Mobb Deep. Mobb Deep made my life to what it is. Havoc feels the same way, you know, so we’ll be right back at work.

He continued:

But just right now, he’s doing his thing and I’m doing my thing. You know, I got goals that I’m trying to accomplish, and I really can’t let nothing sidestep me or get in the way of that. If that means I gotta put Mobb Deep on standby for the time being, then so be it, that’s what I have to do. But definetly, I love Mobb Deep; Mobb Deep is my life. I got that shit on my body, all over my body.

P adds:

Sometimes shit spills out in public, but Havoc’s my brother. He knows how I feel, I know how he feels, that’s just what it is.

Watch Prodigy’s interview with The Usual Suspects, below: