Yesterday after Mobb Deep got off the Summer Jam 2011 stage, MTV caught up with Prodigy and he spoke on recording a track with Rick Ross.

We did a joint with Ross. It’s in the stash right now. It’ll probably be for the Mobb album. It’s kinda crazy too,”

Rick Ross also spoke on how him and the Mobb linked up:

“I respect him, most definitely, as being a boss, making your own decisions. When he was released, he gave me a call a few days after that. We spoke on the phone maybe once or twice. It was a genuine conversation, us touching base, making sure it is what it is. We most definitely put a record or two on the table. Just to be frank, I was always a fan of the homey, H.N.I.C. I always respected when I saw that. The B.G. collaboration he did with the South, that was big for me. So I was always a fan of the homey and when he made this move in a way, so you had to respect it. So look for a Rozay and Prodigy record in the future.”

I wonder what 50 Cent thinks about this?