Havoc of Mobb Deep has had the internet in an uproar all day after he took to Twitter and aired out his Mobb Deep partner for 20 years, Prodigy, alleging his longtime partner in rhyme was gay and other claims.

Although Havoc’s tweets were confirmed by Sway and others, some people still didn’t believe that it could come down to this, but I think it’s now safe to say the tweets from Havoc earlier were legit.

About an hour ago, a fake Prodigy account @ProdigyMobDeep responded to Havoc, and had some people fooled since somehow Twitter had verified the fake account.

Click here to read the tweets from the fake Prodigy account.

Soon after the fake tweets appeared, Prodigy on his real Twitter account, @ProdigyMobbDeep, appeared and responded to Havoc, but he didn’t say much besides some people are on some bullshit now, and he’s not here to beef.

Read the tweets from P below.