Get ready for new music from Prince and Rita Ora. The Star Tribune reports:

“Ever impatient, Prince asked Welton to play a tune they made recently with British pop sensation Rita Ora. It’s a rare Rap song on which the music was as aggressive and menacing as the rapping. Prince talked about the urgency of releasing that tune because with Ora ‘time is money.’ As a celebrity with lots of endorsements, she makes money walking out of the house wearing a certain kind of makeup or sunglasses, he explained.”

Rita Ora recently spoke with The Paper about working with Prince.

“We did a few tracks together,” she said. “I flew to Minneapolis and went to Paisley Park, which is like his iconic studios and we just made music. I was there for a week. It was the best thing I have ever done in my life.”

“He plays like 50 instruments so you could do anything and he’ll fix it. He has an answer for everything. He’s a genius. When we connected I basically got a call from my management saying, “Prince would love to speak to Rita.” And I was like, “Wait, like the actual Prince? The Prince of Wales?” But I went that night and met him and we listened to music and it was amazing.”

When asked how she was not “freaking out” by working with Prince, Rita said:

“You know why? Because I want to be like that one day. They started from nothing and now they are legends and they will be remembered. And I’m all about learning everything–like how they move, how they speak, how they act–and I am so distracted by all of that, by trying to read them like a book, that I don’t think about who they are and I just  take it in. I’m from West London and never thought anyone would know my name.”