Wu-Tang Clan mentor Popa Wu reveals that the Wu-Tang 20th anniversary album is being help up by Raekwon.

During a recent interview with ForbezDVD, Popa Wu explained the hold up with the Wu-Tang’s A Better Tomorrow album.

When asked about the Wu-Tang reunion album, Popa Wu explains that it is being held up by Raekwon as he says:

Well, It’s here already. It’s just that it’s got to be closed up by Rae. Rae’s the only one that’s got to close up. Everybody did what they did. They even got the video treatments for videos and all that shit.

He adds:

RZA’s ahead of his game right now. It’s just that Raekwon’s just compromising. You know how a person gets when you’re a person that never had nothing and then when you get something and then its tooken away from you, it’s hard to adjust, back. It’s the same think that happened with Parish and Erick Sermon [EPMD].

Popa Wu continued:

They think RZA did some old crazy stuff. RZA did what he did. You forgot, he took ya’ll n*ggas from nothing and made ya’ll something. In my mind, I don’t think he would do that to you. He was just smarter. He just took care of his business and it was up to you to learn it. He’s not supposed to teach you the business. If you mad with him for that, then that’s personal. We did this music shit for love, it wasn’t supposed to be about know money… Now for Rae, it’s about a dollar, that’s what it seems.

Watch Popa Wu’s interview with ForbezDVD below: