The lead single, Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free), from Lupe Fiasco’s upcoming album, Food & Liquor II hit the web yesterday to some displeasure as the track samples Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s classic record “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.).”

Pete Rock, producer of the original song, was not so happy with the remade beat and felt that it should have been left alone, as he took Twitter to voice his displeasure:

“No disrespect to lupe fiasco and i like him alot but TROY should be left alone. Feel so violated,the beat is next to my heart and was made outta anguish and pain. “It’s so hard for folks to make original music, I possess that, but these dudes are scared of that and this is supposed to be HIP HOP?”

Pete Rock adds that he thinks of Trouble T-Roy everyday, he was one of the late Heavy D’s dancers whose tragic death inspired the song “T.R.O.Y.:

“When it’s like that it should not be touched by no one! Man I’m a lupe fan and everything but TROY was my homie man. I think about him and Hev every f-cking day!!!! Smh”

And he continued:

“Who ever Re-created that didn’t do a good job @ all. #nohate.” And continued with “I’m not flattered @ all. Dat sh-t is wack, and the producer should be ashamed of his f-ckin self. Smh.”

Pete also added that Tom Scott the original composer of the track “Today” in which he sampled the classic horn riffs for “T.R.O.Y” gave him approval to use the record:

“And let me be clear cuz a lot of y’all don’t know this. But Tom Scott himself gave me an approval for TROY, told me I did a great job!!

During a conference call with Chicago based Ruby Hornet, before Pete Rock spoke out, Lupe explained how the track came to be and why he was inspired to remake the song.

“All the credit goes to my partner and manager Chill, he just felt like it was time to bring back a joint. Go back and take one of the iconic records of Hip Hop and put a new spin on it and put it back out there. I spit on it a couple times before, some mixtape stuff back in the day, Chill felt it needed a bigger look than that.”

DS Fam take to the comments and voice your opinion on Lupe Fiasco and  producers Simonsayz & B-Side sampling the record.

If you missed Lupe Fiasco’s Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free), you can listen to it here.

Watch the video for the original track, Pete Rock & CL Smooths “TROY,” below: