Late last week Pete Rock issued a statement responding to Lupe Fiasco’s rant. Now the legendary producer speaks on the issues he’s having with Lupe Fiasco over the “T.R.O.Y” remake.

Pete Rock chopped it up with Sway for MTV News and spoke on Lupe and says he wanted to help Lu with the “T.R.O.Y.” remake:

“At that point, my emotions were working, I’m still thinking about Heavy D and Troy is a dear friend to me, and my emotions got the best of me, and I expressed myself on Twitter. It wasn’t my intention to hurt Lupe’s career or his producer’s career.”

Pete added:

“I thought from that point I would be involved with Lupe and being in the studio, tweaking the beat, but I never heard from the record label, and then I turn on the radio, and hear it on the radio.”

Watch Pete Rock’s interview with Sway, below: