Last week, Gucci Mane appeared at Crawford Long middle school in Atlanta for career day, and it turns out parents of the children who attend the school are not too happy with the rapper’s showing at the school.

As reported by WSBTV Atlanta, parents and Atlanta Public Schools alumni were upset over the school’s decision to bring in Gucci Mane to speak at career day.

Leisle Moody, an Atlanta public school alum and parent to a child who attends the school wasn’t too happy with the rappers appearance due to Gucci’s lyrics and criminal history that includes a stint in Fulton County Jail in 2008, and most recently, in 2011, charged with assault for pushing a woman out of a moving car, gave a statement.

Moody stated:

How do you justify bringing someone who is not even at the top of his game in the rap industry, who has a rap sheet because he’s been in so much legal trouble?

Another parent held the same sentiment:

I don’t think he was such a good role model. They could have selected another individual.

An Atlanta Public Schools rep replied to the parents concern, and said they will follow up with the school about their decision to bring Gucci in for career day, and also stated:

We want to make sure people who serve as role models to our students are in line with our ethical and integrity standards.

You can view WSBTV Atlanta‘s news report below.