There has been much talk of tension between Big Boi and Andre 3000 of Outkast, even more speculation came to light after 3 Stacks went out of his way to let the fans know that Big Boi’s remixes of Frank Ocean’s “Pink Matter” and T.I.’s “Sorry” were not official Outkast collaborations. Now, things may be looking up for fans waiting for a reunion from the Atliens as Big Boi reveals that Outkast may be planning something special for the 20th anniversary of their classic debut album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.

During a recent interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood on Cali’s Power 106, Outkast’s Big Boi says that he and Andre 3000 are in talks to do something special for the 20th anniversary of their debut album.

Big Boi explains:

You know, we’ve kinda been discussing some things. Once we map it out, we’ll make an announcement, but we’ll see… we’ll see, we’ll see.

The Atl rapper adds:

It’s 20 years, man. We started out at 15, 16 years old. We made our first album when was 17 years old. 25 million records later, seven Grammy’s, I feel great.

Watch Big Boi’s interview on Power 106, below: