Legendary Atlanta duo Outkast performed their first U.S. show together since 2002 during the opening day of this weekends 2014 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Andre 3000 and Big Boi hit the stage for a 90 minute set, performing a collection of their hits including “B.O.B.” (“Bombs Over Baghdad”), “Ms. Jackson,” “So Fresh, So Clean,” “Elevators,” and many more as they ran through 27-songs spanning over 5-albums.

The duo also also performed some of their solo records as Big Boi put on “Shutterbugg,” “Tightrope” with Janelle Monáe, “The Way You Move,” with Sleepy Brown, and others while 3K performed hits “Prototype,” “She Lives In My Lap,” “Roses” and more.

There was a few flaws in the set as Andre and Big Boi didn’t get through their complete set list and had their mics shut down 4-songs early when the clock hit 1AM, which was the end of their scheduled time slot (organizers should have let them finish).

To add, there also has been many reports hitting the web stating that the Coachella crowd didn’t show Outkast any love, and were seemingly uninterested, which reportedly effected 3 Stacks’ energy to a point where he performed “Hey Ya” with his back turned to the audience, and his frustration made call out the crowd.

To a seemingly dead crowd, Andre 3000 exclaimed:

“Y’all still here, are y’all alive?… Are you not entertained? and “Are y’all tired?” He also said: “I feel like I’m out here by my goddamn self!”

Watch Outkast’s complete set for Coachella 2014 below: