Earlier today Def Sounds reported that Lil Wayne made a statement that he doesn’t like New York, as he said “Flat out, I don’t like New York.” After hearing Lil Wayne’s statement,  NY State Senator, Malcolm White, called a press conference, and demanded an apology from Lil Wayne to the people of NY, the tourists and himself.

Senator White also says with the comment, Wayne insulted Jay-Z and Frank Sinatra, as he said:

“He should also know anecdotally or not, he’s insulted the memory of Frank Sinatra. And he’s also insulted Jay-Z. Both have made endearing songs about New York.“

Watch New York Senator Malcolm White’s press conference demanding an apology from Lil Wayne, Below:

Here’s another clip of the press conference provided by Fuse, and at the end of this clip Birdman stands by Lil Wayne and tells Fuse he doesn’t like New York either.