Earlier today, Nicki Minaj announced that she would put on free show in New York to make up with her fans that were disappointed that she didn’t perform during Hot 97′s Summer Jam.

During an interview with Power 105 FM’s Breakfast Club, Nicki said the free show will go on, as she said:

“Its still in the works, but its definitely gonna happen. We gonna make it work.”

Nicki adds:

“This was actually Wayne’s suggestion. Wayne was like ‘Yo Nick, we can do our own show for the people. You don’t have to feel bad.’ Obviously, I felt bad. I don’t want to let my fans down period. We’re going to have fun.”

Nicki also stated once again that she believes she was singled out, because she is a female:

“You could be at a freakin’ hot company and it doesn’t have anything to do with music. If you walking in that room and you are the only woman, especially, and you have men making fun of you and insulting you, you’re not going to walk in that room. You’re going to say, ‘Check yourself, get your s**t together. I put in my work like every man here. And until you can respect me, I’m not even walking or sitting in that room.”