Hey everybody, its Mr. 561 from DefSounds checking in to let you know about some new features we’re working on here at the site.


As you may have noticed by now, we have upgraded to the DISQUS comments system. You can now “like” and flag comments again, you will get alerts when people reply to your comments and lots more. Plus, it’s easier for us to ban b*tch ass trolls!

To comment, simply connect via your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Yahoo account – or create a Disqus an account in seconds.

Defsounds has a great community of readers here and we want to encourage as much interaction as possible. We ask you try to keep the comments on-topic and don’t fight with each other too much.

To learn more about the features of DISQUS, visit:

2) Site Speed

We are continuing to improve the load times here on the site. We understand sometimes the site loads fast, sometimes it takes forever. Defsounds will be upgrading our servers again soon and hopefully that will fix this issue. Hit up the comments below and tell us what you think about the site speed and if the site loading slow affects how often you visit.

3) BuddyPress

Do you use the BuddyPress “login” bar at the very top of the site? We are considering removing the feature, let us know you object to this.

4) User Blogs

We know you guys loved this feature and we want you to know it IS coming back soon. There were some behind-the-scenes matters that needed to be handled first and there will be an announcement made shortly.

5) Facebook & Twitter

The DefSounds Facebook and Twitter accounts are blowing up. Follow us on both to get daily news updates in your feeds.

6) Ways To Improve

Tell us what we can do to make Defsounds better. What new features do you want to see, what should there be more or less of (news, singles, videos, mixtapes, etc.) .. Are the ads annoying, page load time, mobile site acting up, whatever it is – we want to know.