As Def Sounds previously reported, Lil Wayne went on an anti NBA, Miami Heat rant during a show this past weekend in Houston. The Young Money rapper’s rant stemmed from him allegedly being banned from all NBA events, which turns out to be false as a rep for the NBA gave a statement proclaiming that Lil Wayne was never banned from any event.

As reported by The Miami Herald, a representative for the NBA said Lil Wayne falsely told fans that he had been banned from all league events as the Senior Vice President of the NBA, Tim Frank said that it is simply “not true” to the claims the Wayne made during his performance in Houston over the 2013 NBA All Star Weekend.

At the time of his rant, Lil Wayne explained to the crowd why he was banned from all NBA events as he stated “I’m gonna let you know why [The NBA banned me from all events]. It’s because the Miami Heat told them to ban me.”  He then proceeded to lead the crowd into an anti NBA, Miami Heat chant: When I say “F*ck” you say “NBA.” When I say “F*ck,” you say “Miami Heat.” As he continued, Wayne started to diss the Heat players, while declaring that he slept with Chris Bosh’s wife: “You let them ni*gas know I’m from the streets so this ain’t no Twitter beefin’ or no online beef, just take it to the motherfu*king streets, ni*ga. F*ck all them ni*gas. F*ck LeBron, f*ck She-Wade, f*ck Chris Bosh, f*ck all them ni*gas, man. And, and, and, I f*cked Chris Bosh wife.”