CNN recently posted an article looking back at Nas’ 22 year career in the Hip Hop industry, and proclaimed the Queensbridge emcee as “The Greatest Lyricist of All Time,” and added that the word was carefully chosen – “lyricist” over “rapper” or “hip-hop artist;” “greatest” instead of “most successful;” “all time” rather than “today.”

As CNN Entertainment writer Eliott C. McLaughlin started off his article on Nas, he added a disclaimer that the legendary emcee does not endorse the statement of being Hip Hop’s greatest lyricist, but McLaughlin held his stance even without the rappers’ co-sign, as Nas addressed the proclamation.

Nas said of the claim of being Hip Hop’s “Greatest Lyricist of All Time”:

It’s wayyyyyy, way, way too early in our lives. It’s great to put a list together, but don’t take it too seriously because your list won’t matter 10 years from now or 15 years from now. It’ll be a different list.

The point of this write-up is to debate whether or not Nas is “The Greatest Lyricist of All Time,” so after you let your thoughts be known on that topic, head over to CNN’s Entertainment section [here], and check out the breakdown of Nas’ incredible 20+ years in the industry.

To continue on topic of “The Greatest Lyricist of All Time” – hit up the poll below, and let us know if you agree with McLaughlin that Nas is “The Greatest Lyricist Of All Time” or you can fill in your own answer and let us know who you think is the illest wordsmith of all time, and then head to the comment section and let the reason be known why you chose who you did as the crown holder of the best lyricist that Hip Hop has ever seen.