After performing together at this year’s Hot 97 Summer Jam show, Nas and Lauryn Hill teamed up together for the “Live Is Good/Black Rage” tour. The two took a break from the tour to perform at the 2012 Voodoo Music Experience Festival. Nas spoke with Fuse TV about the tour with Lauryn.

“I’d asked Lauryn to come out at the Summer Jam as a surprise guest in New York, we did that, she came out for Rock The Bells, and I just felt like to be on a tour with someone as talented as Ms. Lauryn Hill, is just, what’s better than that?” said Nas. “It just felt like the right time and the right two people to do it, those different styles of rap but me and her kind of fit in the same vein at the same time.”

Nas also spoke about meeting and working with Amy Winehouse, among a host of other topics. Check out the complete interview below: