Just about 2-weeks ago, a Washington, D.C. family lost their home above a grocery store after a fire. The home belonged to a single father of 7-children.

The single father, Stanley Young, an unemployed construction worker, who lost his wife a year ago, has been living in a Holiday Inn with his children ever since fire, but his time in the hotel was running out, and the family has to vacate by August 13th.

Nas was recently in D.C. for a show, and happened to be watching the news in his hotel room when the story about Young and his family came on. Once seeing the touching news story, Nas decided that he need to help.

After he decided to help the family in need, Nas created a CrowdTilt page with the title “Help a single father find a home for his family, after a fire,” and set a goal of raising $20,000 for the family.

Soon after the Crowdtilt page was set up, Nas to took Twitter, and asked his fans to help the Young family, and they did, big time, blowing past the $20k goal, donating $42,185.22 with 9 days left to give to the family in need, and now has a new goal of $50,000 set.

View the tweets from Nas, the news report, and visit the CrowdTilt page below:

Original news report:

Updated news report:

Visit the CrowdTilt page, and if you can donate to the Young family [here].