Nas has joined forces with journalist-turned-documentarian Adam Sjoberg to executive produce his new film, Shake The Dust.

According to the HollywoodReporter, Shake The Dust will “chronicle the stories of young hip-hop fans. To teenagers in South America, Africa and Asia, the cultural movement isn’t about fame or fortune — it’s about hope and their individual power. Sjoberg discovers that through break dancing, young people are enacting social change around the globe.”

Nas gave a statement on Shake The Dust:

What these kids are doing around the world reminds me why I fell in love with hip-hop and how important it is as a creative and constructive outlet.

He adds:

After hearing Adam’s vision for this project and hearing the stories, I was incredibly excited to help bring the film to global audiences who need to hear this surprising message of empowerment.

As well as serving as the film’s executive producer, Nas will also provide original music for the film.

View the official trailer for Shake The Dust below: