As Def Sounds previously reported, in December of 2011, Nas missed a series of 2012 New Year’s shows in Angola, which led to the concert promoter and his son being held against their will for 49 days. As a result of the two men being kidnapped in Angola, they placed blame on Nas, and filed a $10 million lawsuit against the rapper. Now, Nas’ attorney has requested that the lawsuit be thrown out.

As reported by, on Monday, Nas’ lawyer filed a motion asking the judge to dismiss the $10 million lawsuit that a concert promoter filed against the rapper.

The motion from Nas’ lawyer, Jonathan Davis, claims that it was not the rapper’s fault that he didn’t show up for the concerts as the promoter, Patrick Allocco, CEO of Allgood Entertainment, didn’t pay Nas on time and didn’t handle his travel arrangements properly.

The motion also claims that Allocco agreed not to sue Nas since the rapper repaid the $300,000 he was given when the shows were booked.

According to the suit filed against Nas, Allocco says that he and his son were detained for 49 days in Angola after Nas didn’t show up to a series of 2012 New Year’s concerts that where scheduled to take place in the capital of Angola.

The lawsuit also alleges that Angolan authorities beat Alloco and his son, and that the whole situation caused him to suffer a substantial financial loss, which resulted in him losing his home in foreclosure.

The promoter and his attorney declined to comment on the motion, as did Nas’ lawyer.

Stay tuned to Def Sounds as the promoter’s lawsuit against Nas continues to play out in the courtroom.