Nas’ classic debut album, Illmatic, which was released in 1994 is coming up on it’s 20th anniversary. To celebrate 20-years, a new documentary Time Is Illmatic will be released this year to celebrate the album, and give an insight to it’s impact on Hip Hop.

The official website of Time Is Illmatic breaks down what to expect from the documentary.

Time Is Illmatic is a feature length documentary film that delves deep into the making of Nas’ 1994 debut album, Illmatic, and the social conditions that influenced its creation.

Twenty years after its release, Illmatic has become a hip-hop benchmark that encapsulates the socio-political outlook, enduring spirit, and collective angst of a generation of young black men searching for their voice in America.

Time is Illmatic tracks the musical legacy of the Jones family, handed down to Nas from his jazz musician father, Olu Dara. It also examines the social conditions and environmental influences that contributed to Nas’ worldview.

Along the way, Time Is Illmatic shows how Nas—with the support of his Queensbridge neighborhood crew, the loyalty of his younger brother Jabari “Jungle” Fret, and sacrifices of his mother, Ann Jones—overcame insurmountable odds to create the greatest work of music from hip-hop’s second golden era.

In Other Nas News: Nas To Release 20th Anniversary Edition Of Illmatic

According to a press release from Legacy Recordings, Nas will release a 20th anniversary edition of Illmatic that includes previously unreleased songs as well as remixes.

The 20th anniversary edition of Illmatic, will be dubbed Illmatic XX, and will be a double CD set that includes a digitally remastered version of original album on CD1 and 10 unreleased and remixed tracks on CD2.

Illmatic XX is slated to be released on April 15th.

Nas says Illmatic played a big part to his longevity in the game:

With Illmatic, I didn’t think about it. I just did it. I believe everybody has good instincts. Now I’m a man from that past and I’m supremely grateful. There’s a Nigerian proverb ‘What is past is prologue’. I’m here today because of Illmatic.

You can view the tracklisting for disc 2 of Illmatic XX, which contains unreleased and remixed songs below.

Tracklist CD2:
1. I’m A Villain (previously unreleased)
2. The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show on WKCR October 28, 1993 (previously unreleased freestyle)
3. Halftime (Butcher Remix)
4. It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Remix)(promo single)
5. One Love (LG Main Mix)
6. Life’s A Bitch (Arsenal Mix)(promo single)
7. One Love (One L Main Mix)
8. The World Is Yours (Tip Mix)
9. It Ain’t Hard To Tell (The Stink Mix)(UK single)
10. It Ain’t Hard To Tell (The Laidback Remix)(UK single)