New Orleans rapper Mystikal is gearing up to release his first album in 12 years, following a 6 year prison stint, and another 90 days for a probation violation, took some time out to speak about the album that is titled Original, and the setback of his time in jail over the summer.

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Mystikal revealed that he has been working on Original since 2010, and he has enlisted the likes of Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Future, Busta Rhymes as well as New Orleans’ own Trombone Shorty and the Stooges Brass Band, and many others to be featured on the album.

Mystikal spoke on the sound to expect out of his new album:

The sound that’s prominent on the radio, and on hit records now, all that sound the same. I don’t want all my hits to sound like that. I’m writing songs to perform, to entertain. And when I’m really trying to get inspired, I go backwards and I just rap.

The rapper also touched on his setback, which sent him back to jail for 90 days last summer:

I had my head sticking through the roof, and I was just trying to get the rest of my body through. It was a huge setback – self-inflicted of course, because if I don’t shoot myself in the foot then it won’t be a race. I have to make it hard as possible for myself. It hurt me more than the fuckin’ six years did, really.

Mystikal’s forthcoming album, Original, is slated for a June release on Cash Money Records, and the rapper also has plans to tour with a full band in the next few months.