MTV continues their countdown for “Hottest MC In The Game” as they reveal #8, #7, and #6 for this years list.

#8: A$AP Rocky

From the Rick Owens leathers to the Balenciaga finery, there’s no denying A$AP Rocky is a certified fashion killa (you can check his influence in other rapper’s closets). But the Harlem upstart spits more than designer labels from that gold-plated mouth. He followed his lean-drenched mixtape, Live.Love.A$AP, with a chart-topping debut that shows off his versatility and a penchant for crossing state lines when it comes to flow.

#7: Kanye West

Kanye West has proven time and time again that as a soloist, he can single-handedly shift rap’s sonic focus, but over the past year Yeezy made sure that there wasn’t anybody messin’ with his clique. So even during a period when he put out G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summercompilation, ‘Ye was enough of a force to land him at #7 on the ”Hottest MCs in the Game VIII,” MTV’s hip-hop power ranking.

#6: Big Sean

In one of the most heated and divisive debates at this year’s roundtable, Big Sean leapfrogged over both A$AP Rocky and Kanye West to take the title of #6 “Hottest MC in the Game.” When the members of MTV’s Hip-Hop Brain Trust sat down to discuss the year’s rankings, the Detroit rapper initially had the #8 spot. But no one could’ve predicted how much he would progress on the list.

Sidenote: Video for #7 and #6 is the same: