As Def Sounds previously reported, Mobb Deep signed a new deal with Sony/RED Distribution and are no longer free agents.

Back stage during the Rock The Bells show on Saturday, MTV caught up with the QB duo and they gave some details on the new deal and also speak briefly on their 9th studio album.

Prodigy told MTV:

“The way we structured it is as a distribution deal basically, so we run our own label, Infamous, and we gotta do the daily ins and outs of everything. We gotta handle all the record company business and they get it in the stores for us, basically.”

As Prodigy continued he says their ready to get the ball rolling on their self titled album which currently has no release date:

“Right now, it’s just a monumental thing for us, you know, it’s been a long time coming. We’re excited about it. We got a lot of music ready to go, we’ve been working on this Mobb album since I got home. Everything is just up to par, the production — from Hav’s production to our lyrics to all the ideas from videos to everything — we’re just really ready to go and get things started.”

Havoc added:

“It’s been a long time coming. We’ve been in the game for a minute and the object of the game is to control your own business.”