As we reported over the weekend, Mister Cee was arrested for patronizing an undercover cop on a Brooklyn street corner. The initial report stated that the DJ allegedly asked for sex from a male prostitute just before midnight on Wednesday night.

Now, following the arrest reports, Mister Cee addresses the arrest, and claims that he is not gay, and chalks it up as coincidences that male prostitutes have been involved during each arrest.

Mister Cee sat down with the Hot 97 morning crew and program director Ebro Darden earlier this morning and spoke on his recent arrest for patronizing a prostitute.

Mister Cee told Hot 97 program director Ebro:

I am not gay

As he claims that newspapers switched the story around on him:

They tried to turn it around and say the female officer was a male officer. It was a sting operation.

This is Mister Cee’s second arrest in the past two years for allegedly being involved with a male prostitute as he pleaded guilty to a public lewdness charge after he was found receiving oral sex from a male prostitute while in his car in Manhattan back in 2011.

Listen to Mister Cee’s full interview on Hot 97 below: