Early this morning, Atlanta-based rap trio Migos was involved in a shootout on 1-95 in Miami, which left one person injured.

As reported by CBS 4 Miami, Atlanta rap group Migos was involved in a highway shootout early Friday morning that ended with one person in Migos’ van in the hospital with a gun shot wound to his leg.

According to the report, via The Florida Highway Patrol, Migos was slated to perform Thursday night at Cafe Iguana in Pembroke Pines, but the show didn’t go on as planned, and the trio never took the stage. Then on early Friday morning they ended up at Jackson Memorial Hospital after a shooting on I-95.

FHP Trooper Joe Sanchez said of the shooting:

“A dark vehicle pulled alongside [Migos’ van] and basically opened fire on them.”

Trooper Sanchez also said that a disagreement between the group and the management at the club stopped the performance as he stated:

“They [Migos] stated that there was a small altercation between management and them and they were driving back to south beach to the hotel where they were staying.”

The report noted: Migos left the club and around 3:30 a.m. in a party van with eight people, including the groups entourage. They were traveling along I-95 near the 62nd Street Exit when a car pulled up next to the bus and opened fire, shooting at least a dozen rounds. Someone inside the van fired back.

Trooper Sanchez also stated:

“[There was] an exchange of gunfire because one of the passengers in that van was carrying his personal weapon and he returned fire.”

CBS 4 reported that one person in the van was shot in the leg and taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital, and also noted that no one else on was injured.

Although the Florida Highway Patrol said one member of the Migos rap group was shot, representatives with the Atl-based trio’s record label said none of the three members of the group was injured, but didn’t reveal who in the van was shot, but CBS revealed that it was possibly the groups bodyguard.

According to another report, via the MiamiHerald, A member of the hip-hop trio Migos was shot in the leg early Friday morning during a shootout on I-95, while members of the band were heading back to their South Beach hotel.

Stay tuned to DS and we will keep you updated when more information comes to light and details are sorted out on who was actually shot.

View the news report via CBS 4 Miami below:

You can also view another news report from Miami’s channel 7, which also claims it was a member of Migos who was shot, below: