It’s been nearly five years since Wu-Tang rapper Method Man revealed that he would release his fifth solo album, Crystal Meth. Now the rapper gives an update and reveals that he hasn’t even started recording it yet, but hopefully will start recording soon. Meth also touches on the highly anticipated Wu-Tang Clan reunion album, and says he believes it will get done.

During a recent interview with Montreality, Method Man spoke on his fifth studio album, Crystal Meth, and also addressed the possibility of a Wu-Tang reunion album.

As Method Man spoke on his Crystal Meth album, he stated:

I can dance around this sh*t all day [laughs]. Im’a start work soon [laughs]. I can’t put a number on it man. I’m doing it at my own pace, which is slow as shit. Im’a keep it 100, I need to get my ass off the couch. I been on that couch man, heavy.

Mef adds:

I write a verse now and then because I don’t know if there’s any real listeners – like, you’ve got to have a real listener in order to appreciate what you’re doing. I don’t want someone to say “I like the beat.” I hate that shit. Or, “I like the hook.” There’s so much more to it than that. It’s like that, and I hate that those motherfuckers who run up on me every day thinking that I’m just a pothead or some shit. There’s so many more levels to my character than just smoking fucking weed. On that note, pass the blunt son.

As Method Man continued, although keeping it brief, he addressed the possibility of a Wu-Tang reunion album:

I spoke to RZA and shit. It’ll probably happen. It’ll probably happen, definitely

Watch Method Man’s interview with Montreality, below: