According to various reports, a lot of the blame of what got the the altercation between Chris Brown and Drake started was placed on Meek Mill when the initial reports of the incident came to light, it was also stated that Meek was the one who hit CB with the bottle, which left a gash on his chin. Now Meek opens up and gives details on what went down.

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Previously: Drake & Meek Mill Involved in Club Altercation With Chris Brown

In a recent interview with XXL, Meek Mill speaks on Drake/Chris Brown club brawl:

“Chris and Drake, them two was there but its other people that be around that take shit to the next level. Things just happen in the club. I seen girls in there throwing bottles, all types of shit. All types of people. I never seen Chris Brown or Drake throw a bottle and I was there.”

When asked if he threw a bottle during the fight, Meek replied:

“Fuck no.”

When asked about CB’s tweet to Meek, he replied:

“What [Brown] tweeted was just that me and Meek Mill ain’t got no problem. I talked to him immediately after that, on the phone afterwards, like immediately, like, ‘There’s nothing there, this-that-and-the-third.”

Meek adds:

“Chris Brown be in clubs. He be around situations like this. Things get out of hand that don’t mean it’s out of hand with me and him or whoever, not even him and Drake.”