As previously reported by Def Sounds, last year, Max B was hopeful to be released from prison as he believed his appeal for multiple murder and robbery charges would go through, and he would be free with-in the year.

At the time that Max was granted an appeal his lawyer gave a statement on behalf of the rapper, as he said:

“Max said after the verdict was read that he is confident that justice will eventually be served and he will be free. Max intends to continue putting out music for his fans while the appeal process grinds along. Although shocked by the verdict, Max remained grateful.”

Now, all hopes for Max B’s, given name Charlie Wingate, freedom are gone as his appeal has been denied.

As reported by, official word on Max’s appeal is in, and an appeals court has upheld the murder conviction and 75-year sentence. With the rappers conviction being upheld, he now faces 30 years in prison before the possibility of parole.

Max B was convicted on 9 out of 11 counts of murder and robbery charges that he was tried on.

The 11 counts stemmed from a 2006 robbery In New Jersey that turned fatal, and ended in the death of a 29-year-old man named David Taylor.

With the appeal denied, the earliest Max B can be released from prison is November of 2042.