On Sunday, an angry Maino called Trinidad James and demanded that he apologize for the comments he made about NYC. On Monday, the Atlanta rapper released his “The Truth Will Set You Free” PSA and attempted to right his wrong, but he did make sure to mention that it wasn’t apology, because he wasn’t going to apologize for the truth.

I transcribed part of the phone call, you can read that below, and under that listen to the audio of the complete call.

Maino told Trinidad James:

Like you said, we run y’all musically, and I ain’t trying to start no shit, but if you want to do something, do it, because I don’t give a f*ck. You took away whatever your opinion was, and invalidated it right there in that spot when you started talking some gangsta shit.

He added:

Never in the history of my city has a n*gga stepped foot on New York City stage and disrespected our city. This ain’t about me being a bully, or me trying to punk you. I’m talking about right or wrong. I would have never went to Atlanta, I would never come to LA. I wouldn’t have went nowhere. Nobody would have done that. You wouldn’t have done that.

Maino continued:

Your opinion is different than what you did. Whatever your intentions were, is different than what your actions were that night. We can get you in a better place. All you need to do, and I ain’t saying you got to apologize to me, because it ain’t about me. You got to apologize to my city. Then we can be in a better place, because this is about man’s business… You wouldn’t have done that in Detroit, you wouldn’t have done that in Chicago. When you go in them cities, there’s no fly zones for certain sh*t. 

Listen to Maino’s phone call with Trinidad James and hear what else he has to say to the “All Gold Everything” rapper below. (After the transcribed part is when Maino gets pretty pissed, so I thought it was better for y’all to listen to that than me transcribe it).

SN: As of this time, I am unsure if Maino accepted what Trinidad James had to say during his “The Truth Will Set You Free (PSA),” as he didn’t mention it on Twitter, or anywhere else I don’t believe (I couldnt find any other information). When I find out Maino’s response to the clip, I’ll update the post. If anyone has any info, post it up in the comments. Much appreciated.