Coming off Watching Movies With The Sound Off in 2013, Mac Miller is readying four albums to release this year.

During a recent interview with MTV, Mac Miller spoke on his plans for 2014 as he revealed that he has 4 albums in the works and that he has at least 7 tracks per album complete already.

Mac stated:

I have four albums done right now — not done, but four albums that have a foundation and have at least seven songs on each of them.

He says that he isn’t sure how any of his four albums will be released, meaning if they will released under any aliases such as his Larry Lovestein & the Velvet Revival project, but he is sure that WMWTSO‘s follow-up will be released as a Mac Miller album, which he says was an “accident.”:

This new one that I think is actually gonna be the next Mac Miller album was like an accident, which is dope.

Mac promises to stretch musical boundaries and explore out-of-the-box concepts:

I’m gonna make music, and I’m gonna capture every aspect of being a human being. That’s really all I’m trying to do. I think that artists and pop culture identities are used to simplify what it means to be a human and pigeon-hole people into looking up to one role model.

He adds:

[If] you’re a thug, then you love Chief Keef. You like girls, then you like Drake. You’re intelligent, then you like Kendrick Lamar. It ain’t that simple.

Watch Mac Miller’s interview with MTV – as he spoke on his upcoming projects:

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