In an recent interview with MTV News, Lupe Fiasco talked about his new album, Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1, which was released today.

During the interview, Lu discussed how he wanted it to be a double-album but the label didn’t let that happen so he split it into two parts.

The Chicago emcee also compared it to the sound of Lasers, discussing how the fans would react to F&L II.

Lupe tells MTV:

“People are like yeah that’s the Lupe we’re talking about. But with that said, that being so technical, hearkening back to just being skill and still being socially conscious, I think it lacks the passion of Letting Go and Beautiful Lasers; it doesn’t have the same emotional baggage. So who knows? You might have the kids who love Lasers but hate this album”.

Check out Lupe Fiasco’s interview with MTV below:

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