Lupe Fiasco stopped his show over the weekend at the University of Cincinnati to lash out on a concertgoer after being struck in the face with a glowstick during his performance. After being struck in the face, Lupe immediately cut the music and addressed the incident.

Lupe addressed the unruly fan:

Listen, hold up two seconds we’ll get back to the show, listen. I know you a jerk, and that’s cool. I know that you came hear and you thought that I’ma get some shine real quick and throw some sh*t at Lupe and hit him in the face. But, let me remind you of something, okay? Hold on y’all, just hold on. We gonna get back to the show. Let me remind you something – you see this waist? This waist right here? There used to be four black belts around this waist.

Lu added:

So listen, everybody that wanna throw some sh*t, kindly step over to the side of the stage, and I’ll give you five minutes of fame here. I’ll seek whatever you want from this show to make sure they don’t get your broken up ass outside of jail. In the words of Jay-Z, “It ain’t a movie dog, don’t get f*cked up”

Watch the footage of Lupe lashing out at a fan at the University of Cincinnati, via LupeEND, below: