Teenage Chicago rapper Chief Keef has been making headlines over the past couple of weeks, one of the headlines being threatening to smack up Lupe Fiasco. Lupe really took Keef’s comment to heart and it even made him contemplate retiring from rap. Now Lupe wants to put the beef with Keef behind him as he shouts out his fellow Chi rapper during a recent show.

A couple weeks back during an interview with Baltimore’s 92Q, Lupe said he was fearful of the culture Keef represents… as he said:

“Chief Keef scares me. Not him specifically, but just the culture that he represents. Specifically in Chicago. And I don’t speak this about any other city because I’m not from there. But like my family lives in Chicago. So my nephews, my cousins, my friends, and my peoples they all in those hoods that he represents. When you drive through Chicago…The hoodlums, the gangsters, and the ones you see killing each other. And the murder rate in Chicago is skyrocketing and you see who’s doing it and perpetrating it, they all look like Chief Keef.”

When Chief Keef got wind of the comments, he took to Twitter and threatened Lu.

Keef tweeted:

Lupe Fiasco took to his Twitter page and responded to Keef:

Now, during a recent show, Lupe Fiasco reaches out to Keef and gives him a shout-out.

Lupe said:

“I’m far from where I wanna be, I’m far from being a stand-up human being, I’m far from being a knowledgeable and wise young man as well. I’m somewhere in the middle. I ain’t no saint, but with that said, I love my brother. I want to see him succeed and do his thing, and that goes for everybody anywhere everywhere in the world. Shout out to the big homie Chief Keef.”

Watch the video clip (via FSD) of Lupe shouting out Keef, below: