As Lupe Fiasco continues to ready his 5th studio album, Tetsuo & Youth, he took some time out to reveal more details about the project that is slated for a 2014 release.

During a recent interview with Houston’s 97.9 The Box, Lupe Fiasco spoke on Tetsuo & Youth and revealed that the album is 90% complete, says it’s not a party album, but stated that the album is “ratchet” and more.

Lupe says there will be no politics on Tetsuo & Youth, and it will not be a party album:

It ain’t gonna be a party album. I did like the first interview for the album I think it was either with Rolling Stone or Billboard and just told them like, you know, on purpose there’s no politics on the record.

Lu explains why he’s leaving the politics off the album:

I’ve said what I had to say and people replied how they had to reply. So, now it’s just music.

He adds:

It’s just more just like at a certain point you get tired of it. You get tired of trying to get people to see things from a different way or a different perspective. And it’s kind of like the lack of response what was more like “Oh well, forget it. Let’s just go get money then.”

As the interview moved forward,  Lu touched on other topics, then got back into Tetsuo & Youth and says it is 90% complete, and it will be ratchet:

We like 90 percent done with it, [and] everything that I got thus far is super good.

He adds that the album is ratchet:

But it’s ratchet. It’s ratchet ratchetness on there. But it ain’t nothing new for me. My early records before I got known, before Food & Liquor, when I was first coming up.

He continued:

What I was talking about back then was like ratchet, street, hood, “let’s do it” kinda pieces. And it was like I made the decision not to put that on front street initially… Now, let me go back to a little bit of that, let people know there ain’t no games over here.

Watch Lupe’s interview with 97.9 The Box as he also speaks on contemplating suicide, violence in Chicago streets and more, below: