Over the weekend, the Lupe Fiasco Foundation put on the Streets on Fire, Peace for Hire event that was put together in effort to bring peace to Chicago streets, which have been marred with insanely high murder rates over the past couple of years, and steadily getting worse.

After the event, Lupe took to  Twitter and offered up his Twitter and Facebook pages to help spread the word about actions that can be made to help bring peace to the entire city of Chicago.

Lupe also sent out a series of tweets, which you can view, below:

We would like to thank sincerely all those members of the community that came out to the Strategies For Peace conference last night @ CCICS. It was a very special honor to have Mrs. Cleopatra Pendleton as a part of the conversation with the new youth leaders of the city of Chicago

To see the intellect, passion and bravery of the teenagers on the panel speaking on the roots of violence in their lives was shocking. Shocking because of their realization of the depth of their circumstances and in the revolutionary commitment they have to combatting them.

On April 1st 2013 they want to begin the process of changing those circumstances, Forever. This youth group is using the month of March to plan and formulate major actions within the city of Chicago to begin April 1st until they see radical change in the ways in which the ENTIRE city and EVERYONE in it responds to the violence in their lives.

For this entire month of March #LF will be donating his twitter and facebook to help in spreading information about this developing action. Please follow @LupeFoundation as well for more info in the coming month about how you can take part.

Last night the future of Chicago spoke loud and clear. They asked us to DO and so it must be DONE. #The1stOfApril #NoMoreFoolingAround #CHI