Lupe Fiasco and producer S1 have announced they are recording a new joint album entitled Black Vietnam that will drop sooner than you think.

The first news of the Black Vietnam album broke via S1’s Twitter page (@SymbolycOne) as he tweeted:

“Got together with da fam @LupeFiasco last night to develop #BlackVietnam alil more! He also played me some new HEAT! Crazy!! S1.”

S1 then followed up his initial tweet with another stating to expect the album “sooner than you think”, he tweeted:

“S1 and @LupeFiasco as #BlackVietnam coming sooner than you think! Stay Tuned…. :) S1.”

To follow S1’s tweets, Lupe went on Twitter (@LupeFiasco) and posted some “Black Vietnam” related pictures, which you can view below.




Stay tuned to DS and we will keep you updated when more news about Black Vietnam is made available.

Via LupEND